Saturday, April 9, 2011

Going Back to work!

The time has finally come and Im going back to work tomorrow night (4/11/2011). 9 1/2 months after Stem Cell Transplant . Im not 100% yet but getting closer.

I know the first couple of days will be hard and tiring but Im ready to get my life back little by little. I still notice little improvements here and there. Things that I couldnt do before and now I can !. I feel so excited!, like a child learning and discovering new things every day.

I feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunity I had to have the SCT that saved my life and cured me from CIDP.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life 8 months after SCT

It s been 8 months since the day of transplant and Im doing a lot better. Recuperation process has been slow, specially re-building my immune system.  Numbers are up and down,but I feel more energy (some days...)  Im not back to work yet, hopefully soon.

CIDP was on remission right after transplant. Got my strenght and balance back. Nerve pain went away and sensory came back.

Went back for my 6 months follow up last December and they were surprised of my progress (neurological) . For the first time the neurologist gave me a 5 on strenght and 3 on my ankles. they still need some time to get stronger.
EMG/ Nerve conduction test was torture! I could feel every shock and needle. After 5 minutes I got up ready to leave I didnt think I could go through with it. But I did!  Neurologist said that it was because the small fibers of the sensory part of the nerves were regenerating faster and that s why I could feel everything, which I couldnt before, just very little.

I ve been riding my bike almost every day for the last few weeks 4 to 6 miles (or more )to build endurance and exercising to get stronger ,since I didnt have PT available. Ive been doing it on my
I have days that are better than others.

Im so excited I can go up one of the small bridges and go all the way to the beach non-stop without my legs giving up or getting tired! And I can go up and down the stairs, which is a big accomplishment. Small things that sometimes we take for granted.
I havent been able to do that for years! My neurologist its so impressed. He thinks Dr. Burt is a genius and needs a medal for his work.

I know I will keep getting better and stronger with time.

Thank you all for your support!