Saturday, July 24, 2010


This update is long due. Since I had my last appt with Dr. Burt I havent posted anything. There s not much to say other than it s been a month since transplant and I'm having a little more energy . The first few weeks all I did was take naps all day long and rested a lot from doing nothing. lol, I had very little energy. The body and the immune system its like the one of a baby. Just like they said it would be.
Blood counts are going up little by little. I dont do much or go anywhere. I had an allergic reaction 2 weeks ago and Chicago took me off of 2 of the antibiotics , I had to be even more careful not to get sick.
They are introducing them back one at the time to make sure they were not the cause of the allergic reaction.

Several people have asked me if its working and the answer is....It s hard to tell yet. My neurologist said last week that I am getting stronger and walking better. Reflexes were strong , never seen a response like that before. We were both surprised. I dont feel pain all the time like I used to. Fatigue is bad like before or worse, but they said is normal for the first few months after transplant.

I cant wait until my numbers are up to be able to go out or see more people, and have more it s been boring.
Im trying to follow the rules because I know at the end it will be worth the effort.


  1. Hello, Friend!
    Just wondering how you were doing. I hope you have had time to rest and that the body has been reprogrammed successfully!!! Thinking of you - lots of hugs :)

  2. Hi Rossana,
    My brother (19 years old) was recently diagnosed with CIDP and is experiencing his first relapse. Thank you for your blog. Your courage is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey so that you can help others. How are you doing now?