Friday, May 21, 2010

Since I started treatment last friday I havent had a lot of side effects, my body is taking it pretty good. Just a little nauseas here and there, nothing major.

My mom got here on Monday to stay with me for a few weeks. I started neupogen injections plus cipro and diflucan on wednesday and so far no side effects.

Yesterday it was "my big hair day" it s falling more than normal and the scalp its starting to itch a lot so I decided to go and get it done, before it gets worse and in case my body is waiting to react to the medicines a few days later.

I went to see John Crager, he is the best hairdresser. Really nice. He works mostly with people going through chemo so he knows how scare people is when they go there and he really goes the extra mile to make you feel good about losing your hair. He took about 2 hrs to do my hair. He started cutting it little by little,explaining and giving me ideas of short hair cuts for later until he got to the part where he was going to shave it. It was nice and relaxing. Anyone going through chemo or any treatment like this should go to see .
I wasnt worry  much about my hair anyway , I know it will grow back and it s for a good cause!
It was a really good day and it was nice to have someone like him do it.

I'm happy that everything is going so smooth so far. Minimum side effects.

I hope it continues that way to the end of treatment !!

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  1. We have added you to our prayers and are so thankful for all the good news! I'm very happy to see you are being treated well - you deserve it!! I've had my extended family read about your story and we are all so impressed with your strength and are truly an inspiring person!!
    I hope it helps that this weekend the midwest is finally supposed to have a warm day - JUST FOR YOU!! Enjoy it :)