Saturday, May 15, 2010

Started treatment Yesterday!

I started my first chemo yesterday! Went for lab work first and then to be admitted in the Feinberg building. Was assigned  room #1002 from where I could see my building!
By 10:30 am Dr. Burt and his team came to see me, explained me the procedure again and told me how it was going to be done and that it was going to run for 24 hrs. after that I could go home. So we started the process, got 3 bags of medicines running on my port, which they had a hard time accessing. I sure miss my nurse in Florida! Lol . Then labs came back and my potassium was too low. They gave me the huge potassium pills and then needed me to get it on IV also to get it back to normal level before the chemo, but couldnt mix it with the other medicines running on my port,so they had to put an access on my left hand. Had 2 machines and 6 bags of medicine running for a couple of hours.

A special nurse was scheduled to come at 4:30pm and start my chemo from the Prentice building, when she arrived she put on a special outfit and with a lot of precaution connected the medicine to my line. It only run for 2 hrs. I didnt feel anything, no side effects until about 2am. Nothing severe just a little headache and nauseas.
As soon as I called the nurse ,she came with a series of seringes with medicines and put them in my line. Draw some blood and I felt sleep, until the first Dr. (Internist) came to check on me in the morning.

By 9 am Dr. Burt came to my room and told me that my numbers were good and I could go home after the 24 hrs of the other medicine was up, by 1:30 pm.

I feel a little tired, but nothing major so far. My friend is coming from Indianapolis to stay with me in case I get sick ,until my mom gets here on Monday.


  1. Good luck to you Rossana. I am coming to Northwestern May 26-28 to be evaluated for stem cell therapy. I hope I am where you are real soon! Keep us posted.


  2. Mary aka badmommyTue May 18, 02:27:00 PM

    Keep up the postive outlook and thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Sharon, let me know where you'll be staying and we could get together if you want to.

  4. Darn, I didn't see your May 23 post until just now. I would have looked for you...and thought about it, but I knew they wouldn't give out your personal info.

    I think I will be accepted for SCT. Just waiting for the official green light.

    I hope you are doing well and that you are surrounded by loved ones.


  5. So you are getting chemo for cidp? i have been getting IVigs for four years starting at 14 yrs old, and sometimes the time between ivigs is longer, but my family and i figured there is no cure just treatment, and my doctors are clueless