Thursday, May 6, 2010


My plan was to post here often about what is going on in Chicago and I'll try to do it from now on.
Everything happened so fast that i havent had much time to do it.

I was approved by the insurance on march 25th and on april 15th I was told to be in Chicago within 48 hrs to start the tests.  It 's been 2 1/2 weeks full of appts. Lab Work, in which they took 18 tubes of record in 14 years I think. I had an EKG, CT scan of sinuses, chest x-ray, vein check, dental appt, pulmonary function test, echocardiography, EMG/NVC (the more painful tests of
They make sure everything is order before they start treatment for transplant.

The only thing I had to get done was dental. Even though I go to the dentist every 6 months, they did find a little shadow that they thought I could need a root canal maybe in 6 to 12 months. It didnt bother me at all. But they said they wouldnt let me go ahead with transplant unless I had a root canal done or an extraction. The reason for this is that any little thing like that can become a huge infection during chemo and transplant ,since the inmune system will be too low (pretty much and I wont be able to fight infections. They called my dentist and explained the problem and what it needed to be done.
Since root canals take over a couple of weeks and I dont have the time (or for that ,
I opted for the extraction.

Today I had an appt with Dr. Suffit who will be my neurologist while Im here and then with Dr. Burt,who is the one inmunologist in charge of the transplant , all is set and ready to go next friday to start treatment. I have a week off !!! I'm really excited about this treatment and the changes it will bring to my life.
I ve been walking by the lake and the city. Last weekend my friend Ivette came from Indianapolis and we walked to the Navy Pier and to the Lincoln Zoo. We had a great time! and the weather was nice.
I miss my family and friends in Florida.


  1. what about your friends in UT? LOL! Love you! xoxoxo