Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Harvest day!

Monday 24 th was my harvest day!. They did have a little bit of problems getting my catheter in since I dont have many veins available for that purpose anymore. After the mess we had in January when they had to change my vascath 4 times in order for me to receive 7 cycles of plasmapheresis.
A procedure that took the doctor about 2 hours today (usually 30 min.) He did a good job. After examining each one of the veins he decided to try the same one where my infuse port is located. Back in January the doctor in Florida tried that and ended up blocking my port and the flowing of blood to the brain for a few seconds and he had to do an angioplastic  with no sedation, it was one of the most painful procedures I've ever had done, so when I was told he was going to try the same thing just a little higher on my neck, I was not happy !
I had no choice, harvest had to be done. He told me if he couldnt get the catheter in that vein he would have to look for another option but couldnt do it until the afternoon. He also mentioned that because of my recent history he could not give me any sedation other than local,which only numbs the skin I think.LOL

I could feel pretty much everything,stubbing, pressure,pushing. Very painful procedure when not sedated and all I could think during that time ,so I wouldnt move my head or scream, was that "this may be the last time I have to have a vascath placed, so hang in there!!!....LOL 
At the end they gave me 2 tylenols and told me to go to the blood center for harvest.

At the blood center we started the harvest about 1pm, after all the preparation. About 15 minutes into the harvest I started to feel sick, lightheaded and started to pass out, in a few seconds 4 nurses were there checking everything. My blood pressure had dropped to 80/53. They stopped the procedure and in a few minutes I was back to normal. They re-started it slower. 
I had the same reaction with IVIG and Plasmapheresis before, even lower so I was not surprised.
We finished harvest around 5pm. The procedure is pretty similar to plasma exchange. Didnt feel anything ,other than neck pain !
I'm very thankful and blessed that my body its been taking the treatment pretty much like water. I feel good and full of energy after all.
Now a few days off until we start the second part of chemo and then transplant!


  1. Thank you for creating this blog. Thank you Thank you!! Good Luck, I am thinking about you every day!

  2. Hello, Congrats so far! You are doing great! I had my SCT in 09/09 (for CIDP)and could not ask for more! Things are awesome! Off all meds no more IVIG either! Wahooooo I wish you best of luck and know you will do great! I read all your new posts! Take care! xoxo Lynn

  3. Hi, Rossana:

    I just returned from Northwestern Memorial yesterday (May 28), having undergone testing to see if I am eligible for SCT. It looks good...will know more as soon as Dr. Burt and Dr. Driss have a chance to talk. I am watching your blog so I know what to expect. You are an inspiration! Sharon