Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hair started falling in clumps today!

After my harvest day last monday I felt pretty good for a couple of days ,then towards the end of the week I started feeling tired and lack of energy . Weather was nice in Chicago for the first time since I ve been here.(warm) but I didnt feel like doing much, just short walks. A little depressed  and under the weather (lol) not as possitive and upbeat as usual. Probably a mix of the meds and personal problems.

The weather was really nasty today , memorial day, bad storm. I was being lazy half of the day and when I decided to get up I realized my little short hair was everywhere. Pillow, bed, clothing. I had mention to my mom earlier that my scalp was kind of itchy and sore. I touched my head and tons of little hair were on my hands. 17 days after my first chemo (just like the hairdresser said...) it starting falling in clumps. So I asked my mom to shave it off. I look like Mr. Clean now. LOL

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  1. You have too pretty of a smile to ever be considered Mr. Clean :) I hope you get out and take advantage of what Chicago has to offer...a little bit of something for everyone! Benny HaNa's is right across from NW (expensive depending on what you order) and it is fun to watch them cook right at your table!