Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday June 13, Day -4

Another early day. Same as yesterday. Blood work, EKG, weight check, vitals, etc. Same medicines by 7:30am than the day before. Mesna and all the other first round of pre-meds.  Dr. Burt came around 10 am and said that I was responding pretty good to the treatment. I told him to make sure they are giving me the right chemo since I dont feel any sides effects other than the short hair I have it keeps falling....he laugh and said that he was glad I'm taking chemo like water but that he knew it was working because my numbers are going down and that s what we are looking for before transplant.

He left and made all the orders for the day. Pre meds came and by 10:30 am started chemo. Cytoxan and they had to give me sodium phosphate also (runs 6 hrs) because it was too low on my blood work. The other day it was pottasium. By 1 pm the ATG (56.6,250ml) which runs for 10 hrs. I've been 3 days on the same chemo regimen.
I just feel a little tired at times,so I dont do much. I did go for a walk around the floor and a short bike ride.
Of course I ve got to take the IV pump, mask and gloves along. Just a little exercise helps a lot. My mom brings me gatorade and bottle water everyday (Im kind of picky when it comes to  and one of the nurses was telling me that it was a great idea since Gatorade helps to recuperate the electrolytes Im losing or they will have to give it to me in IV. And I dont need one more bag of IV medicine...LOL
I'm also drinking a lot of prune juice instead of having them to give me a medicine for that too.  If you know what I  The more natural the way, the best...!

I like the way they have set the food times, they give you a menu and whenever you feel hungry you call them and they bring you the food fresh within an hour. If I dont call after a certain time, they call me to remind me. Sometimes I just dont feel like eating, I have that metal taste in my mouth and nothing tastes good anymore.
Plus the first day they give you a special mouthwash that you have to rinse with 5 times a day at least, made of salt and soda, so it has no taste

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