Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday June 15, Day -2

Just a short update post today. I dont have much to say. So far I havent had many side effects other than getting tired and sleepy after the pre meds, but not much at
Started an early day as usual, same daily routine. Today was my last day of the chemo Cytoxan, tomorrow I only get ATG , Dr. Burt said.
I tried doing some exercise on the bike today, but got too tired after a few minutes, so Im not pushing it for now. Im getting the side effects from high doses of steroids though, like shaking on my hands when I tried to write or get on the computer, getting a little upset to quick (specially when I get hot flashes...LOL) and the air seems to not be working right, hard to concentrate, gain weight, etc .  But I know they ll go away ....someday...

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  1. you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am telling everyone I know about you. Stay strong and trust in the Lord.

    I just finished my last IVIG for the month and already I am showing improvement. This is the first time I have typed in months!