Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today (yesterday) lol ,I just noticed its kind of late. As usual i cant sleep. Anyway, today was a better day health and weather wise. We decided to go out for a walk around 2 pm. Just a few blocks from home, the streets were blocked off and a lot of police cars and fire trucks everywhere. Everybody was looking up and making comments and praying that the guy on the 22 nd floor of a building wouldnt jump. We looked up too and saw him hunging from the balcony. Just wearing shorts. At times he was holding with one hand. I thought he was going to jump off,  so I told my mom I didnt want to see that. We kept walking and on the next block it was the same thing and actually we could see him better from there, now holding with 2 hands. Someone said they were trying to stop him from jumping. Thats when we saw a person reached out for his hand and pulled him back in. Everybody on the streets started applauding. And for the comments and what people were saying a lot of prayers were answered! . Then everybody went on their way.

I never thought I would see something like that. I guess anything can happen in big cities like this one.
And I also thought how desperate or how many problems can someone have to get to that extreme?
I hope that whatever his problems were he can find a solution and get help and Im glad he didnt jump off that building.

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  1. Rossana, I'm glad you're feeling a little better and able to get out for a walk.

    That would be a scarry thing to watch! It's amazing that no matter how much we think other people don't care or that we aren't important, that there are always lots of people willing to offer help (prayers) and help, even strangers.

    Make it a great day! Malissa