Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transplant Day & Day +1

Was the theme of the day! At 1 pm as scheduled, my cells arrived and we started the process. Everything went fine. Didnt have any reactions, not even got sleepy with all the I wanted to see and be aware of everything that was happening. The nurses brought me a little bag with candies and other things to celebrate life and my re-birth. Pictures say more than here are some...

Tank with my Stem Cells

Dr. Burt

Stem Cells entering my body...yay

It was a great and exciting day!!! Now I have a new Birthday....! which I will always

Day +1

I did have a little bit of fever overnight, they called the doctor and tested me in case I got something during the time my cells were down. This morning he said everything was fine, it was just a late reaction to ATG treatement and it was not related to transplant, nothing to worry about.
My plateles were down, so he did order a unit of blood to be given, plus all the other meds that are needed to keep numbers in order. I had my last chemo this evening!

I asked him what's next? and he said...We are done!! lol now comes recuperation and you are doing great so far and then go back to normal 
I just had to laugh ...I dont think I remember what that its 

I feel great and Im happy that this part is over... I'll follow all the rules for as long as they want me too... they really know what they are doing!!


  1. Wow! You are a miracle, happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, Friend!! What a thing to celebrate - we are so happy that everything went as to get back to the beach! My parents just arrived in Daytona and they said it is GORGEOUS!!

  3. I hope you are doing well - the days until you can sleep in your own bed will be here soon!! We continue to pray for you and your family as you begin again. Many warm smiles sent your way!

  4. Happy Birthday! I am a fellow CIDP'er who can only hope to one day have a chance at being cured. I wish you well in your recovery!