Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday June 14, Day -3

Ok, I got confused when posting with the way they count days here. So I fixed it. From the first day of chemo until transplant is (- minus day) Transplant day is day "0" (zero) and then we start counting (+days) .

Today Monday 14 was my -3 day. Meaning 2 days till transplant. YAY...
We started an early day as usual. All the weight check, blood work, EKG,etc. which is part of the routine every morning. I've gained some lbs already and my prednisone belly and moon face are big, because of all the steroids they are given me as part of the pre meds and regimen of medicines. I had a little tightness of chest and nausea this morning , it wasnt too bad but they said that its better not to wait until it gets worse. When I told Dr. Burt this morning (7:30am) he ordered some meds. They gave me compazinew to get nauseas under control, but I got really tired and sleepy from it.
Then we started all the pre-meds and mesna , including benadryl and the other ones, I basically slept most of the time during my pre-meds and Cytoxan .

Finally around lunch time I got some energy and I think the steroids made the trick...!! LOL and got up ,shower and ate, but then  after they connected me to the ATG I went back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. LOL. They said that the fact that my numbers are going down so much, which is the goal, it has a lot to do with it.
After dinner time I ve been more awake and alert, or trying too ,so I can get some sleep tonight.

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